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Gel Toes

~UV gel coating (sprinkled with your choice of glitter) for toe nails that is strong and durable. Gel Toes will last 3 to 8 weeks. Small price to pay for the latest, greatest, carefree toe nails!

Gel toes are like a superior bonding and coating of the toenail. The three biggest reasons for this is strengthening, health, and nail polish chipping.

There are many women out there that have slightly brittle toenails or abuse their nails with the shoes they chose to wear, and this causes splitting or breaking. It's very common girls. Don't get all grossed out! What the gel does is creates a barrier topcoat to protect the nail. And of course since it is gel, the color is built right into the nail. No more polish to rub off or chips.

You can sometimes go 3-8 weeks in between gel toes and the polish will look like the day we put it on. So if you want to have that French Pedicure on your toes you don't have to worry about chipping the polish anymore!

I love gel toes and never have to think twice about the condition of my toes when I slip on a pair of sexy peep toed heels. They are quicker and quite a bit cheaper than finger gel nails so you don't have to worry about the cost too much.

Try a set and you will fall in love!

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