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Feather Extensions!!!

These Feather Hair Extensions are the NEW rage for 2011! These feathers are washed, styled, & even Ironed right along with your own hair. You can have them removed whenever you want, Collect different Colors, when they grow out we can reattach them again - YES they are reusable and VERY durable! Various lengths and thicknesses for every hair type

Feather COST: $10 per feather

Installation COST: $10 per person

( FREE installation when purchasing 6 or more feathers -or-

when you receive any other Hair Service at the same time)

~Feather Care~

Feather Care is much like Regular Hair Care. You can...Wet, Wash, Condition, Comb, Brush, Blow Dry, *Curl, Flat iron up to 400 degrees , & Hair Spray your feather extensions.

To help keep your feathers in place avoid... using oily products near the scalp, pulling on them hard or combing between the scalp and the link.

Feathers can stay in place up to 3 months, but they can fall out or slide down the hair shaft. If this happens, or if it's simply time for maintenance, call for a "Feather Re-Installation with your Stylist ($10).

Please note that, in rare cases (I have only seen this happen once in a year so far), Bright Colored feathers may "bleed" color on to other feathers or light blonde hair. Also excessively wet hair for long periods of time may cause "bleeding" or fading of your feather color. Excessive exposure to the sun may cause feather colors to fade.

Do Not attempt to color your hair while wearing your feathers.

After 48 hours with you feather Vogue Hair Studio is not responsible for ...lost feathers, feathers that break, agreed placement of your feathers, feathers that slide down the hair shaft, feathers that are damaged by excessive heat, Color fadeage of your feather colors, or other damages caused by misuse or mistreatment.




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