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SALON UPDATE (as of June 1, 2021):

Included in this update...BIG Thank You, Welcome Chaini, Congratulations to Emili, price increases, current COVID salon protocol, scheduling and contacting us.


I would like to extend a BIG Thank you to all of our loving "family" of Clients. This past year and a half has not been easy for any of us and without each and every one of you we would not be the "BEST". You guys have been through thick and thin with us and we love that you trust us with all of your beauty and relaxation needs!


My (Janelle’s) youngest daughter, Chaini has decided to try her had at acrylic nails. She has to turn 16 before she’s able to dual enroll in nail school/high school and charge for her services. Never the less I am thrilled at the thought of working with both of my daughters. A dream come true! 😍Some of you may see Chaini around the salon more helping out and playing around with nail techniques.


Emili has been promoted to Senior Elite Hair Designers!!! She has worked very hard to consistantly meet client expectations, have excellent client retention, and have undergone extensive education. Her continued dedication to her career has taken her to a new level. Congratulations Emili!!!! This accomplishent awards her with a new service pricing structure for new clients as of June 1st. Exsisting Clients of Emili will experience a slight price increase for her services.


Well, sad to say but, we are experiencing on average a 4% salon supply cost increase over the last few months. WOW, I know, everything is going up everywhere. We are all feeling it, right? All I'm going to say currently is please bare with us if you experience a slight price increase on some of our services and retail products that have gone up in price for us too.


1.) You will always receive $10 OFF for a salon referral, as will the person you refer. This adds up, so remember, the BEST compliment you can give your Stylist is a referal!!! Your stylist can provide you with referral cards to pass out to make it easier to keep track of your savings.

2.) You will receive $2 OFF your Salon appointment If you dare to sport one of our NEW Vogue Bumper Stickers that reads, "#THISHAIRBELONGSTOVOGUE" on your vehicle window (this way it's easily removed with a razor at anytime). You will continue to save $2 each visit for as long as you display our bumper sticker. BONUS points for "tagging" us in your social media picture posts & using our hashtag. If you need help with any of this tech stuff feel free to ask your Stylist.

CORONAVIRUS SALON PROTOCOL (as of...June 1, 2021):

-Masks are now optional inside of Vogue Hair Studio. Your choice, but be nice either way!!!

-Do not discuss Vaccine status inside the salon as this is a very personal decision and we want to love you either way.

-Wash hands upon entry.

-Sanitize hands often while in Salon when touching personal items.

-Waiting room is open.

-Drink service has resumed.

-If you have been sick or exposed to illness do not enter Vogue Hair Studio for 10 days following most recent exposure.

-Our Stylist tipping system, “Tippy” is available as a convienence to our clients that wish not to use cash, Apple Pay, or other cash apps with no fees. There is a small processing fee charged to you to use this service. Consider bringing your Stylist a cash tip or send your tip another way if you do not wish to be charged a small processing fee or if you do not want to use your card more than once at your visit.

We have always and will continue to go above and beyond in the cleaning and disinfecting department for your safety as well as for our own!!!


The salon phone is ringing in salon when you call, but please be patient as we still may not be able to answer at times. When calling, be sure to leave a voice message (if you are expecting a return call) or text us individually for a faster response in most cases. It may be 1-24 hours, but we will get back to you as soon as we can.


If you do not see an appointment time that fits your schedule please feel free to text your individual Stylist to see if they can accomodate your needs.

Vogue Hair Studio = (239)945-6717

Janelle/Owner/Hair Designer = (239) 691-4704

Camber/Manager/Hair Designer = (239) 789-7533

Carol/Hair Designer = (239) 770-0177

Clyde/Hair Designer = (239) 289-1266

Shelby/Hair Designer = (239) 699-5102

Kristy/Hair Designer = (239) 691-6343

Emili/Nat. Nails/Hair Designer = (239) 200-1623

Deena/Nat. Nails/Hair Designer = (239) 634-4879

Adrienne/Permanent Makeup Artist = (201) 780-1347

Brenda/Massage Therapist = (563) 579-1196


Gift Certificates are available here…

Thanks again to all of our loyal clients for your continued support.

Stay safe, positive, & healthy!

Love 💗,

Janelle & Team Vogue

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