VOGUE HAIR STUDIO - If you look good, we look good!
CURRENT SALON PROTOCOL (as of...AUGUST 20th, 2020): 

 -Masks are required the entire time inside the building in an attempt to keep everyone as safe as posible in our establishment. 
-NO Client gloves in Salon please. 
-Wash hands upon entry. 
-Sanitize hands often while in Salon when touching personal items. 
-You may wait in our waiting area (no more than two people at anytime), in your car, or in one of our many outdoor garden areas. 
-TEXT YOUR STYLIST WHEN YOU ARRIVE OR BE SURE THEY SEE YOU WHERE EVER YOU CHOOSE TO WAIT. They will text you back to come in when their station is disinfected and ready for you. 
-If you have been sick or exposed to illness do not enter Vogue Hair Studio for 2 weeks following most recent exposure. 
-Only 18 people total allowed in the Salon at any time, do not bring anyone with you. 
-NO drink service, bring one for long services. 
-NO magazines. -Extra time/product fees may apply for extra long color regrowth or for extra long/extra thick hair (this is not a new policy). 
-We are equipped with APPLE PAY and contactless card scanners for you convenience when paying, although all regular forms of payment are accepted. 
-Tips are always optional and are run as a separate transaction through our TIPPY app (see link below). Consider bringing your Stylist a cash tip if you do not wish to use your card more than once at your visit. 
-Vogue Hair Studio LLC & your Stylist reserve the right to refuse services to anyone at anytime for any reason.

We are currently in Phase 2 of the Florida re-opening plan and all is going well! We are allowed to work at 75% occupancy and honestly we do not normally exceed this on a regular basis, but we still have our Stylist's schedules spaced out to keep far less than what is allowed in the Salon at any one time. Things are pretty stress free and quiet at most times working this way. 
We can now allow two people in our waiting area all while adhearing to safe social distancing measures. We are allowed to take walk-ins if we have a Stylist available when the opportunity presents itself.

 We have always and will always go above and beyond in the cleaning and disinfecting department for your safety as well as for our own!!! 


If you do not see an appointment time that fits your schedule please feel free to text your individual Stylist to see if they can accomodate your needs. When calling, be sure to leave a voice message (if you are expecting a return call) or text us individually because we more than likely cannot answer right away when you call or text.
It may be a full 24 hours, but we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note that the Salon phone line is now ringing in Salon when you call, but please be patient as we still may not be able to answer at times.

Vogue Hair Studio = (239)945-6717 
Janelle/Hair Designer = (239) 691-4704 
Camber/Hair Designer = (239) 789-7533 
Carol/Hair Designer = (239) 770-0177 
Clyde/Hair Designer = (239) 289-1266 
Shelby/Hair Designer = (239) 699-5102 
Kristy/Hair Designer = (239) 691-6343 
Emili/Hair Designer = (239) 200-1623 
Kellyann/Nail Designer = (917) 678-1046 
Adrienne/Permanent Makeup Artist = (201) 780-1347
Brenda/Massage Therapist = (563)579-1196 

 *If you were previously a client of STEPHANIE or STARR, NIKKI, or BETHANY sadly they are not doing hair/nails at this time and we will miss them! We would be more than happy to book you with a new Stylist here at Vogue in the mean time, just call and leave a message, or you may choose a Stylist yourself through our 24/7 online scheduling... http://www.schedulicity.com/Scheduling/VHSK2R#/services 

SALON GIFTCARDS are available here for all of you gift giving needs: http://s.thegiftcardcafe.com/NtVc95

TIP YOUR STYLIST right through this link after your appointment if you dont want to touch cash at this time: https://www.meettippy.com/kiosk/L7G3L8PM0

Thanks again to all of our loyal clients for your continued support. 
Stay safe, positive, & healthy! 
Love , Janelle & Team Vogue